HMP Berwyn Assessment Process

Please note: This process applies to applications received after 23rd February 2024

If you have applied to be a prison officer at HMP Berwyn you will be taking part in a new approach to prison officer recruitment which is being piloted at HMP Berwyn. The assessment process has been designed to ensure it is assessing the same qualities we require in a prison officer.

This assessment process will last approximately 1.5 hours and involves completing two assessments onsite at HMP Berwyn. The assessment process will test to see if you have the abilities, behaviours and strengths to be a prison officer. There will be short breaks in between each assessment, but not during assessments. The assessments are designed to reflect the reality of the prison officer role and will cover sensitive topics that could be potentially distressing.


Written Assessment

Assessment Criteria

During the assessment process you will be assessed on the behaviours, strengths and abilities outlined below.


Abilities and Strengths